Deliverable Title Description

Core functionalities of the mobile application and software for the self – scanning applications

This deliverable presents the work done to increase the attractiveness and accuracy of the 3D body models. This is achieved by implementing a new body space, evaluating different matching approaches and developing an improved segmentation algorithm to extract body silhouettes. In addition, a texturing approach has been presented. The base SDK modules are laid out, explaining how QuantaCorp integrates with the eTryOn applications.


First working version of the mobile application and software for the selfscanning application

In this deliverable, a basic working version used for iterative testing of the rigged, animatable 3D avatars and the self-scanning mobile application is delivered.


Core functionalities of the software for the avatar-garment simulations and basic garment collection for development purposes

In this deliverable, the abstract classes of the simulation algorithms, the existing software and the first set of garments are provided.


First working version of the avatar-garment simulation software

In this deliverable the basic working version of the avatar-garment simulation  software will be provided in order to be used for iterative testing.


Pattern recognition on fashion imagery – working model

This deliverable prototypes a Machine Learning pipeline for the detection of categories and attributes within fashion imagery as well as the plans for the implementation backbone.


Fashion trend analysis and prediction model

This deliverable uses the visual features extracted from fashion imagery (using the models from D3.1) in order to build models capable of forecasting fashion trends and predict the popularity of new garment designs.


Architecture and integration Protocol

This deliverable is a starting point for the architecture and technical decisions made in support of the eTryOn Project use cases and pilots.


Initial eTryOn middleware and APIs

This deliverable enumerates each software component in the eTryOn  systems, describing the location of running component examples, source  code and API documentation. To understand how these fit together, please refer to the architecture diagrams on that site:


Core version of the eTryOn interaction systems

This deliverable reports on the first version of the software implementation of the i) VR system that simulates the physical try-ons for immersive experiences, ii) mobile application for the fashion consumers for use in social media, iii) AR application for virtually trying on clothes.


Initial version of the eTryOn interaction systems

D5.2 presents the initial versions of the eTryOn interaction systems which include three interactive solutions that were thoroughly described in D5.1.


The User Requirements

This deliverable presents the analysis of the user requirements for the eTryOn applications, which were collected with the help of surveys and interviews. In more detail, the methodology for generating and distributing the questionnaires is presented, while the answers of the participating users are analysed both statistically and qualitatively.


Communication Material

D7.1 reports on the publicity material that has been developed for disseminating eTryOn objectives and goals to different target groups. In particular, D7.1 reports on the project website, poster, leaflet and factsheet, as well as the project’s social media accounts (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram). This material will be made available to all consortium members for disseminating the project’s aims and activities to the wider public.


Data management plan

This deliverable presents the guidelines for the data collection, storage and ownership for all eTryOn activities. Additionally, it defines and ensures that all of the collected data are intended to be processed, relevant and limited solely to the purposes of eTryOn. Finally, it foresees the essential security measures that will be implemented to prevent unauthorized access to personal data or the equipment used for their processing. This deliverable will be updated on M18 prior to the pilots to incorporate any new guidelines that might rise.


Ethical, legal and privacy requirements and guidelines for implementation

This deliverable presents the practices that will be followed by eTryOn in order to ensure that all ethical, legal and privacy requirements are adopted throughout both the implementation of the eTryOn technologies as well as the interaction with end users during the piloting phase. It will act as guidelines for the data collection and ownership processes both during the project pilots and research activities.