Deliverable Title Description

The User Requirements

This deliverable presents the analysis of the user requirements for the eTryOn applications, which were collected with the help of surveys and interviews. In more detail, the methodology for generating and distributing the questionnaires is presented, while the answers of the participating users are analysed both statistically and qualitatively.


Communication Material

D7.1 reports on the publicity material that has been developed for disseminating eTryOn objectives and goals to different target groups. In particular, D7.1 reports on the project website, poster, leaflet and factsheet, as well as the project’s social media accounts (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram). This material will be made available to all consortium members for disseminating the project’s aims and activities to the wider public.


Ethical, legal and privacy requirements and guidelines for implementation

This deliverable presents the practices that will be followed by eTryOn in order to ensure that all ethical, legal and privacy requirements are adopted throughout both the implementation of the eTryOn technologies as well as the interaction with end users during the piloting phase. It will act as guidelines for the data collection and ownership processes both during the project pilots and research activities.