Objective list

The objective is to create a mobile application that will enable self-3D scanning and will allow users to generate 3D avatars of themselves. The 3D avatars will be also rigged, skinned and ready to facilitate different humanoid-compatible animations.
The objective is to investigate and develop an automatic, cost-effective and systematic method to fit digitally-designed garments to the 3D avatars generated in IO.1. This objective can be dichotomized in (a) generating a collection of digital garments, and (b) the automatic fitting of the digital garments in both still images and video.
The purpose of this objective is to predict the market success of the digital models of garments from IO.2 with real consumers. In addition, based on user preference data, we will develop garment recommendation systems that will recommend garments to users based on their preferences and body type.
This objective aims to design and develop three interactive applications in AR/VR that will enable a) designers create better clothes, b) fashion lovers share and promote digital garments in social media, and c) customers have a realistic online shopping experience.
Our objective is to integrate the outcomes of IO.1, IO.2 and IO.3 in the eTryOn middleware so that the necessary components for the development of the interactive applications in IO.4 become available.
Our objective is to first gather requirements from and second to evaluate the newly developed interactive applications and devices directly by the end-users (i.e. fashion designers, lovers and consumers). For all the envisaged interactions with users, the necessary ethical, privacy and legal related activities will be performed prior to engaging with them.