WP1. Generate personal 3D avatars through smartphones

The objectives of this WP are to:
1) Develop algorithms for the generation of automatically rigged and 3D avatars,
2) Develop of a mobile application for 3D self-scanning.

WP2. Simulation algorithms for avatar-garment interactions

WP2 focuses on the selection of the 3D garments and the means required to “dress” the avatars with these garments. Additionally, a machine learning model will be built that will approximate the simulation of the garments in various poses.

WP3. Fashion emergent trend detection, user profiling and fashion recommendations

WP3 focuses on the large-scale mining of multimodal fashion data from Mallzee’s consumer base using novel machine learning approaches with the purpose of extracting data-driven fashion trends, consumer segments, and ultimately producing better targeted and richer garment recommendations.

WP4. System architecture & Integration

WP4 focuses on the integration of the back-end modules developed in WP1-3, enabling the development of interactive applications in WP5. The main objective of WP is to unify the developed technologies under the eTryOn middleware and provide access through a set of back-end and front-end APIs.

WP5. Future interaction paradigms

The objectives of this WP are the design and development of 3 new HFI applications:
i) fashion designer VR application,
ii) mobile application for fashion models, and
iii) AR application for fashion consumers for virtually trying on clothes.

WP6. User requirements and eTryOn pilots

WP6 aims at the collection of user requirements, the training and testing the evaluation of the 3 eTryOn platform, using the final tool applications in the real world conditions directly by the end users through the pilot use case implementations pilotsand the evaluation of the developed tools.

WP7. Dissemination and Exploitation

The objective of WP7 is to ensure that the technologies developed through eTryOn enjoy the necessary level of dissemination, are sustainable beyond the end of the project and are adopted by both the fashion industry in Europe and beyond and the fashion consumers.

WP8. Management

The goal of WP8 is to plan and undertake all necessary activities for the project’s effective coordination, including: a) administrative and financial management, b) technical management and quality assurance, c) management of knowledge and intellectual property rights, and d) management of ethical, legal and privacy requirements.