eTryOn’s mission is to modernize the way people create, consume and experience fashion items by offering novel Human-Fashion-Interaction (HFI) applications using XR technologies (AR, VR) in order to enhance the creative process of fashion design, revolutionize the way people interact with fashion in the social media, and simulate the physical in-store experience for online shopping.


What is eTryOn

Use Cases

Designer app

A VR application targeting fashion designers, facilitating them throughout the creative process of garment design by offering realistic fitting of the digital garments on 3D avatars.

DressMeUp app

A mobile application for social media users (e.g. influencers), allowing them to virtually change their outfit in an image/video by selecting from a pool of digital garments and then upload it to social media.

Magic Mirror app

A mobile-based AR magic mirror enabling virtual tryons of garments during online shopping that aims to recreate at home the experience of buying clothes from a physical store.

3D garment sample

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