Centre for Research & Technology Hellas (CERTH), Greece

CERTH is the project coordinator of eTryOn and participates through its lab mklab. In addition, CERTH will develop the UI of the 3 new HFI applications and develop the corresponding AR/VR applications (WP5), and will perform research in the fields of social media-based trend analysis, detection and forecasting, as well as on multimodal recommendations (WP3).

Contact point:
Elisavet Chatzilari
+30 231125771

QuantaCorp (QC), Belgium

QuantaCorp will exploit their body measurement scanning platform and work on delivering a portable solution for creating 3D personal body avatars with consumer-ready devices (e.g. smartphones) as well as provide the technology for 3D self-scanning purposes through mainstream mobile devices (WP1).

Contact point:
De Wilde, Thomas
+32 9 298 15 89

Metail (Metail), UK

In eTryOn, Metail will provide avatars from high resolution images (WP1), lead on the simulation algorithms for avatar-garment interactions (WP2) and will be also leading the eTryOn’s integration activities (WP4).

Contact point:

Mallzee (MLZ), UK

In eTryOn, Mallzee will provide the data (user rating and transaction data over fashion products) and the expertise to develop algorithms to predict the emergence of fashion trends and to recommend relevant products to consumers, as well as a segmentation of consumers into detailed style profiles. In addition, new designs from the VR designer app will be used in the Mallzee apps to obtain opinion data from real consumers, and the automated predictions will be generated and tested in their quality (WP3).

Contact point:
Martina Pugliese

Odlo (ODLO), Switzerland

In eTryOn, ODLO will provide their knowledge in pattern making and virtual garment creation/development (WP3) in 3D virtual prototyping solutions for pattern makers and technical designers. In addition, ODLO will lead all the necessary activities for gathering user requirements and the piloting activities of the project (WP7).

Contact point:
Ursina Häfliger
+41 41 785 70 81