Find us on Future of Retail 2022

Excited to participate in Future of Retail 2022, taking place in Athens, 27-29 May, in Intercontinental Hotel: Visit our booth and learn more on our project and the three innovative applications that will be launched on this basis:

  • VR Designer app, aiming to enhance the creative experience of fashion designers, through a Virtual Reality application for immersive garment design.
  • Dress Me Up, enabling a range of users like fashion consumers, models, influencers or fashion lovers in general to upload a short video including some simple movement or a photo, choose a garment they like from a variety of digital ones, and see how this garment fits on their body.
  • Magic Mirror, a mobile application providing an innovative way to virtually try on clothing without getting undressed or visiting a retail store.

Organized by the Hellenic Confederation of Commerce and Entrepreneurship, the 2nd “Future of Retail” is a leading discussion forum focusing on the interpretation of current facts about trade. International trends will be analysed, conclusions regarding the future of trade will be drawn and important questions about the future course of commerce will be addressed.

Do not miss the chance to visit our booth and test the initial demo version of VR Designer, as well as play and try out digital clothes checking out how they fit on you on real time, through eTRyOn’s Snapchat Lenses.

You can see the full agenda of the conference here.

Main topics: Fashion in the age of digital reproduction, Department stores in the city center, Smart cities and trade, The fashion industry after the pandemic, E-commerce and innovation, Digital technologies that change commerce, Transforming stores through technology, Trade and Sustainability, Smart Transactions & New Trends in Payments, Artificial intelligence in retail, The print of tourism in the retail trade, The impact of technology on work and business