New era in fashion industry

The next era of fashion is all about personalization and prediction. The importance of XR technologies is significant, as they already started to reform fashion industry, and is more than certain that in the next years there will be a huge renovation of the way people try on and buy or even design new clothes.

AR try ons and makeup, VR catwalk shows, virtual fitting-rooms, augmented clothing are only a few of the fields that constantly show new developments. AR applications enabling users to digitally try on clothes and accessories have recently started to being launched from major brands worldwide, helping them boost their sale rates and decrease their returns. These new features benefit fashion retailers as they increase customer engagement and brand awareness through this personalized shopping experience, increasing customer satisfaction.

Moreover, selling clothes without producing physical garments is a complete reinvention of the supply chain: with no samples or returns being sent out, show rooms, or physical prototyping, as all these stages will be digital, virtual fashion is considered a significant sustainable solution in regards to current workflow.

An increasing number of companies in fashion industry are diving in fashion’s virtual world, placing interconnection of current technologies as a key element for the future of virtual fashion technologies, where users may use their avatar and digital wardrobe between various applications in Metaverse.

The goal of eTryOn project is to modernize human – fashion interaction, by introducing a set of XR technologies allowing virtual try-ons of garments and revolutionizing the way people create, consume and experience fashion items. First prototype of our three innovative applications will be released in a few months: Dress Me Up, Magic Mirror and VR Designer app – stay tuned and be a member of this new community, where new innovative solutions are set, reforming the future of fashion industry!

eTryOn Concept