Excited to showcase our project in UK Universities!

Excited to spread the news on our project on Design & Arts Schools of UK Universities!

We were pleased to visit 3 departments for pilot testing our apps:

  • Northumbria University School of Design on October 11th
  • University of Gloucestershire, Design Centre on October 12th
  • De Montfort University, Art & Design department on October 13th

Faculty and students had the chance to try firsthand the initial version of VR Designer, as well as play and try out digital clothes checking out how they fit on them on real time, through eTRyOn’s Magic Mirror app.

Students also had the chance to attend a presentation by Cally Russel (We Are Unfolded) and Jim Downing (Metail) on the necessity of sustainability in fashion industry and relevant evolving technologies in the field.

A special thanks to all institutions for inviting us and collaborating with us as all the faculty for contributing and helping on this effort!

Special thanks to

  • Alana James (Programme Leader – MA Fashion Design, Director of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion – Design, Northumbria University School of Design)
  • Margaret McDonough (Senior Lecturer in Fashion, University of Gloucestershire, Design Centre)
  • Karen Deacon (Senior Lecturer, De Montfort University, Art & Design)

So glad to have the chance to meet you all, showcase our project and discuss with you and your students on their features and future development!

Stay tuned for more news and insights on our project!