Excited to participate in XR4ALL webinar

A worth watching webinar focusing on the XR solutions and their ground breaking contribution to fashion industry is organised by XR4ALL on June the 3nd, 2021.

XR brand experience will be the main discussion topic, with the significant role that the experience consumers get from a certain product being highlighted. “Brand builds experience, experience builds brand”, as the webinar’s slogan quotes, pointing out the challenge for brands, marketers and merchants to deliver valuable experiences all through the customers journey.

A selected panel of experts will cover challenges and opportunities for brands to leverage on XR solutions to generate adequate return of investment. We are most pleased to have an eTryOn project participation, as Elisavet Chatzilari (Senior Researcher, ITI-CERTH) will be among the panel of speakers.

Visit here the webinar’s webpage to learn more about the discussion and registrate for free!

XR4ALL is an initiative by the European Commission to strengthen the European XR industry: a community designed to forge a competitive, sustainable XR-tech ecosystem in Europe, developing a research agenda and increasing investments and tech transfers through a variety of events and networking activities, creating a strong and enthusiastic XR4ALL brand and community.