WP7. Dissemination and Exploitation

The objective of WP7 is to ensure that the technologies developed through eTryOn enjoy the necessary level of dissemination, are sustainable beyond the end of the project and are adopted by both the fashion industry in Europe and beyond and the fashion consumers.

Description of work

T7.1 – Project communication and dissemination activities (M1-M24)

T8.1 includes two main action pillars in order to maximize awareness for eTryOn and promote its outcomes. First, the project communication kit will be established consisting of the project website, social media accounts and a set of printed material (leaflets, factsheet, poster) for distribution at key academic and public events. The project’s website will be hosted beyond project duration, to promote exploitation of project’s results and serve as a hub and reference point for subsequent projects. The second pillar includes the dissemination plan and the reporting of its activities. A template for collecting inputs from dissemination activities will be also set up, documenting the important characteristics of the intended dissemination activity (cf. Section 2.2.1). The filled-in templates will be subsequently summarized into tables, composing a list of concrete dissemination actions that will allow us to assess, follow up and eventually correct the planned actions in terms of the reached measured impacts. Moreover, this task will deal with eTryOn’s participation, engagement and contribution to the exchange platforms developed in the frame of the CSA on Interactive Technologies funded under H2020 ICT-25-2018 eXtended Reality for All (XR4All).

T7.2 – Consumer engagement strategy and marketing activities (M1-M24)

T6.2 includes marketing activities targeting the consumers with the scope of maximizing the potential adoption of the eTryOn technologies as well run a marketing campaign to recruit people for the eTryOn pilots. In this direction, MLZ will design these activities and along with ODLO will run the marketing campaigns through MLZ’s application as well as their social media and online stores targeting their customers. For example, digital online experiences will be designed based on MLZ’s experience on digital marketing and user acquisition.

T7.3 – Exploitation and business plan creation (M1-M24)

The objective of T7.3 is to establish a detailed and efficient business plan that will ensure the commercialization and sustainability of the eTryOn technologies and interactive systems during and beyond the project lifetime. The first step is to assemble a detailed competitive landscape analysis and market analysis, which will ensure and maximize the innovation capacity of the eTryOn technologies. The second step is to establish a detailed business plan, including the exploitable assets, market segmentation, detailed marketing strategies, pricing estimations and sales projections for the exploitation of the project results. At this stage, the business plan will also include econometric models based on the refined competitiveness landscape analysis. This will enable us to establish precise market penetration rates and define the pricing plan, sales forecasts and sustainability analysis for the eTryOn systems that are closer to reach the market. Finally, in order to ensure fast and successful adoption of all the eTryOn exploitable assets regardless of time-to-market, this task will include guidelines in the form of a roadmap to commercialization.