WP6. User requirements and eTryOn pilots

WP6 aims at the collection of user requirements, the training and testing the evaluation of the 3 eTryOn platform, using the final tool applications in the real world conditions directly by the end users through the pilot use case implementations pilotsand the evaluation of the developed tools.

Description of work

T6.1 – Define the user-based system requirements (M1-M4)

T6.1 is concerned with the collection of end-user requirements that will define the functionalities of the eTryOn technologies as well as with the definition of the experience scenario for each use case. More specifically, using a number of different instruments such as surveys/questionnaires, interviews and focus groups, we will capture the current situation with regard to challenges and difficulties in the way people experience fashion. The collected input will then be analysed to define a list of requirements, including both general requirements concerning the eTryOn technical functionalities (e.g. 3D scanning for clothes and human bodies, communication with eTryOn system for adding or removing assets, etc.) but also requirements focusing on the specific use case (e.g. VR experiences, AR experiences).

T6.2 – Pilot design, recruitment and evaluation plan (M5-M18)

This task will focus on developing a plan for testing the eTryOn platform as a whole, based on the user based requirements identified in T6.1, during the pilot phase that will be implemented as part of T6.3. The target audience will be identified as fashion industry professionals (e.g. designers, retailers) and end-users (e.g. online customers, fashion influences, models, lovers, etc.). We will identify a set of effective strategies/tools for reaching out to them, mainly through use case partners ODLO and MLZ. Subsequently, a schedule for the pilot operation as well as equipment requirements will be defined for each pilot test. Finally, the testing and evaluation procedures, both attended (i.e. supervised by project personnel) and unattended (mobile apps used by users at home) will be specified, including the methodology/protocol, the evaluation criteria/parameters, the tools/instruments (questionnaires, interviews, online automatic collection mechanisms) for user feedback collection and the training material. Pilot plans will comply with ethics principles from T8.4 and will be used to guide testing and evaluation activities in T6.3.

T6.3 – Pilot execution and evaluation of the system by end-users (M19-M24)

This task will involve the deployment and evaluation of the VR/AR and mobile applications generated by WP6 for the selected pilot cases (cf. Section 1.3.2). Based on the pilot plan of T6.2, this task will execute all the necessary activities regarding ethical approvals, user recruitment, recruitment events organization (Sec., etc. Based on the evaluation plan set in T6.2, the effectiveness of the eTryOn technologies will be tested and evaluated.