New developments in VR designer

The Designer app is one of the three innovative applications that will be developed in the context of eTryOn project. This VR application will provide fashion designers an innovative immersive environment for garment testing and visualization during the designing process.

This app aims to enhance the creative experience of fashion designers, through a VR environment for immersive garment fitting: a user-friendly interface is currently developed on Unity so fashion designers can get a better overview of their work, providing them with realistic simulations on how their garments fit on virtual avatars.

Check out our demo video, presenting all newest developments. Special thanks to Michaela Jauk, Project Lead, 3D Modeller and Designer from Odlo, for using the app and narrating the range of options it will provide to designers, enabling them to inspect the avatar and its performed movements – and have an advanced overview of the garment’s fitting, qualities and animated perspective as a final product, during the first stages of design.

More exciting news soon to follow – stay tuned and be part of our growing community!