Honored to present our project on ERT News!

It’s been almost two years of developments and our project has reached more solid outcomes. It was a real pleasure demonstrating our apps on exhibitions and events during the last months and receive valuable feedback from wider audience.

National Greek TV channel ERT3 visited CERTH’s premises last week: we had the chance to discuss and present the project’s core aspect, demonstrating real time eTryOn apps:

  • VR Designer app, aiming to enhance the creative experience of fashion designers, through a Virtual Reality application for immersive garment design.
  • Magic Mirror, a mobile application providing an innovative way to virtually try on clothing without getting undressed or visiting a retail store.
  • Dress Me Up, enabling a range of users like fashion consumers, models, influencers or fashion lovers in general to upload a short video including some simple movement or a photo, choose a garment they like from a variety of digital ones, and see how this garment fits on their body.

Watch here a preview of the real time live testing of eTryOn’s Snapchat lenses as demonstrated by  Nikos Pitsiakidis.

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